Posted by: Trigger | 29 December, 2008

Breaking News!

Hi y’all. (If you’re out there!)

In case anyone’s still got this in their feed reader, or stops by from time to time, I’m writing an update to let you know what my deal is.

I’ve moved (am moving? whatev, tense is not important) on to slightly less anonymous digs and I plan to write a little bit more often with less detail…you’ve guessed it, I’m jumping on the Tumblr bandwagon. I’ve been feeling the need to change things up for a while now, actually. I think this move will help me get a bit more inspired, and I’ll be willing to share it with friends/family/the fella which will make me feel less sketchy and secretive.

As I will be using regular email & name for my new little slice of the internet, I’m not going to post it here. If you wanna read, just shoot me an email and chances are I’ll give you the link…I’m an oversharer, so don’t expect me to go all exclusive and elitist on you now.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and is in the process of getting together a very Happy New Year.


This site prob. won’t come down for a while (ever?), but I will only pop in ocassionally to write things, should I need a more anonymous venue.

Ciao ciao, bellas!



  1. Please share. Thank you!

  2. ohh! please share with me too 🙂

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