Posted by: Trigger | 24 October, 2008


Another mid-day gchat selection.



(here’s a version of the video linked to above, that I found quickly – it basically covers the same thing if you choose not to click through that link – you should watch it prior to continuing below)

BigCityBrother: man, what haven’t the japanese thought of?

Trigger: holy cow!

Trigger: that’s awesome

Trigger: they’re like little people

BigCityBrother: with tails!

Trigger: yeah!

Trigger: and opposable toes

BigCityBrother: man, what I wouldn’t give for opposable toes…

Trigger: ha

Trigger: it could come in handy

Trigger: BWAHAHA

Trigger: except when picking out shoes

BigCityBrother: but you could pick them out with your feet

BigCityBrother: and put on your shoes without bending over

BigCityBrother: well, at least you could put on the first one

This probably shows just how much we crack ourselves up…



  1. Oh my goodness! I love that video. Definitely one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. Where’s my monkey, dangit?

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