Posted by: Trigger | 26 August, 2008

Meme, the second.

I’m trying to keep up the momentum I seem to have gained in the past couple of days, with multiple posts that have come out within a single week. It’s like I’m actually blogging again! Except, today, is a meme, from the ever so lovely Hope, who said we could consider ourselves tagged if we need blog fodder. So. I’m going to raise my hand and say, “pick me!” And I’ll go ahead and fill this one out.

A: Attached or Single? Attached. Living in Sin, even.

B. Best Friend? I am so lucky, I have more best friends than I could ever dream of. It’s hard for me to choose just one person, there’s so much room in my heard for friends that I like to think we don’t have to narrow it down to one. My fella is most certainly the person on this world who I am closest with, and then there’s my college BFF, Finn; high school BFF, Skettio; my old work BFF, CoPirate; Sorority BFF #1, Newlywed; and Sorority BFF #2, Monster; Big Sis BFF, Red…and the list goes on. I love friends. They are the best.

C: Cake or pie? PIE. Pumpkin pie. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Marionberry Pie. Chocolate Custard Pie. Etc. Love it!

D: Day of choice? I really like Fridays of long weekends…otherwise, probably Saturday.

E: Essential Item: Deodorant. I really hate the idea of being stinky.

F: Favourite colour: Green. Like, grass green. Bright kelly green.

G: Gummy bears or worms? Worms. I know, I know, it’s the unpopular choice. But I like ’em, okay?

H: Hometown: Little Small Place, in Rural Eastern Oregon. It’s charming, and small town America at its best and worst. It’s desert, which I find to be a fabulous climate to live in.

I: Favourite indulgence? Lip gloss. I could have a lip gloss for every day of the month. I probably almost do. I am always trying new ones out, and if I find myself in need of retail therapy, it’s my go to item. I find that it hurts my bank account much less than shoes would.

J: January or July? July. For one, it’s when the weather around here really gets pleasant. For two, I love the Fourth of July holiday – food, and beer, and fireworks, and picnics, and festivity without any present giving pressure…also, July is my birthday month, although I always get a little embarrassed about having much attention paid to that. For the record, January is a bit depressing to me. The Holidays are over, it’s all gray, cold rain, and nothing to look forward to until February/March.

K: Kids? I always planned on it. Although life could very easily get in the way.

L: Life isn’t complete without? Love ones.

M: Marriage date? Not sure. 🙂

N: Number of brothers and sisters? Three brothers, one sister.

O: Oranges or apples? Apples, sliced.

P: Phobias? Flying, stinging insects. (Bees, wasps, hornets, etc.)

Q: Quotes:

“Oh, dying for a cause.
Well, that don’t make it yours.”
-Ted Leo

My favorite lyric from a song written when the war in Iraq had been going on for considerably less time. Still rings true to me.

R: Reasons to Smile? I have a great life.

S: Season of choice? Early fall – when the air turns crisp at night, but it’s still sunny and warm during the day.

T: Tag 5 People: I’ll go ahead and leave this one open to interpretation.

U: Unknown fact about me: I have an irrational hatred of Sloppy Joes.

V: Vegetable? Any and all. Love them. Maybe not a fan of brussel sprouts. But I’m willing to bet I just haven’t had them prepared properly.

W: Worst habit? Spilling things and dropping things.

X: X-ray or Ultrasound? I’ll go with X-ray, since I had one yesterday and I got to see all the bones of my foot. Totally rad, yet completely nerdy.

Y: Your favourite food? Honestly, this is so DANG HARD. For trashy food, most likely anything french fry related, but especially chili cheese fries. For less white trash options, probably either vegetable samosas or masala dosas. I love a good potato based product…yum!

Z: Zodiac Sign? I’m the last day of Cancer in most calendars, but often I can be a Leo. Theoretically, being a “cusp” person means I have qualities from both signs. Which I think is sorta accurate. As accurate as any of those things can get. I’m a scientist, people.

Wee! That was fun. My foot hurts.



  1. Yay! I love getting to know more little stuff about other bloggers.

    Also you reminded me (I forget during the summer) how much I also love a good potato based product! And vegetable samosas? Yuuuuuum! Let’s see if the Crohn’s Police allow me to eat them.

  2. I love your response to R. How sweet.

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