Posted by: Trigger | 14 August, 2008

BF slash GF G-chat, selected at random. ALSO! Blog-identity crisis.

Exchanged today, via g-chat:

Backstory: Something essential to Z’s job is not working correctly at this point in time. That’s about as specific as I can be about that. Sorry for the cryptic-ness. I’m lame. Also, Z is the most prolific nickname-bestower I’ve ever met. (I KNOW! “BESTOWER” IS NOT A WORD! You know what I mean, though, right? Bestower (noun): The one who gives out nicknames.) And apparently, I’m the easiest person to nickname he’s ever met. We make a great couple, if for no other reason. Annnnd, commence g-chat transcription.

me: so it’s not working for a while?
Z: yeah, until it’s fixed
me: I can’t decide if that is good or bad
Z: not sure either
me: in the immediate future, probably good
long term outlook is much less clear…
I sound like a god damn magic 8 ball
Z: always; I think you live by the 8 ball; ha! new nickname!
me: ha
wait, doesn’t that have some drug connotation?
(if you saw the time-stamp between these exchanges, you would see the 5 minute pause while I commence to internet search “8 ball” and “illicit drugs”…thank goodness for liberal employers, and also for academic institutions where there’s probably some legitimate reason – in some department other than mine, sure, but at least somewhere – to be searching the internet for info on drug slang)
ahhhhh yes:
* Slang for one-eighth ounce (3.5 g) of a powdered psychoactive drug (especially cocaine, but sometimes heroin or crystal methamphetamine) or a ball of crack cocaine
* A nickname for the Olde English 800 brand of malt liquor
So, essentially what you’re saying is this: Trigger = All Classy, All the Time
Z: yep, that sums it up; I thought an 8 ball was cocaine + heroin, but I’m not totally sure
me: you could easily be right, it was just wiki that said the above
Z: wiki: written by someone who heard it at a coffee shop full of hipsters

Funny anecdote aside, I’m clearly having some issues with getting inspired to write these days. I’ve got this curious urge to keep up with blog world, yet I have a hard time committing to blogging about the details of my life. Not because of me, I could talk to a wall, or a broom, or a bucket, or…you get the point. But I have some specific needs to not share a lot of details about some topics – work, relationship, etc – and to over share would put these things that I care about in jeopardy, for various reasons. Which I don’t want to do.

What I really want to do is use this space to get away from the seriousness of life and my job and my career aspirations, and etc. I really want to write about how I went to the NARS counter at Nordstrom last night after work, and I tried on lip glosses after pouring over the NARS section at earlier in the day. I wanted to buy like, two or three. And how I walked out of there with only one, because the NARS girl wasn’t there, and some girl who stepped in to help was SO NOT HELPFUL, and also very judgey (TM: Slynnro, who I’ve been reading lately, and loving!) about the number of lip glosses I wanted to try on (I could hear her in my head, sighing in disgust and thinking, “OMG, dumb lip-gloss-tryer-on-girl, just PICK ONE!), and I don’t do well with shitty customer service, so I got all flustered, picked the best of the first three I tried on, and when she pulled it from behind the counter for me, I muttered that I needed to go find a couple of other things and would buy the gloss at a different counter. (Hello, run on sentence!) Which probably solidified her judgey-ness toward me, but IDC (I don’t care). And then I ended up buying not just a lip gloss, but a lip gloss and a foaming version of Philosophy’s “Purity Made Simple” wash. Alright, alright, AND a Lancome Maquicomplet undereye concealer. All because I had to escape the judgey makeup counter girl, and buy stuff at a different register, and I didn’t want to buy just the lip gloss at the wrong counter, I felt like I needed to buy something from the counter where I got wrung up to justify going to a different coutner. Yes, I am slightly (slash totally) neurotic. Don’t you all get judgey on me now, too!!!

The good news is, I actually like the gloss I got during the encounter with the Not-NARS makeup counter girl, it’s called “Chihuahua.” Which, quite honestly is an unfortunate name, as I don’t particularly care to be putting dog-related things anywhere near my mouth. I know it’s a region (state?) in Mexico, but it’s also a small rat like dog. And now, it’s my lip gloss. When I had started out by looking at NARS glosses on Sephora named things like, “Stolen Kisses” and “Sunset Strip” and, the NARS cult phenomenon, “Orgasm” (which actually doesn’t look that great on me, at least in lip gloss form, but the blush is really as great as everyone says it is, as far as my experience with it goes). ANYWAY. SO NOT THE POINT. The tangential point is, my gloss is fine. But it’s just one, not three like I wanted. I was ready to INVEST, people!

BUT THE REAL POINT OF ALL THIS. I just got me to thinking, that’s the stuff I really feel like writing about. It’s the stuff I really like to talk to girlfriends about. Once I leave my (fairly serious) work, I don’t want to be stuck in serious mode. I don’t want to blog about science really, or controversial women’s health topics, or living an earth friendly lifestyle, or current affairs. Sure, I’ll keep up on those topics, and I try to live pretty eco-friendly (minus my make-up buying habit), but you know what? Sometimes I just want to gush about my favorite mascara, or labor over deciding whether this shade is too brown on me, or that one too orange. It’s a release! And one that I like talking about, and I like sharing. I’ve done the make up for three weddings now, and each time, I was able to supply everything just from my personal stash. And I had enough colors, and knowledge, and skill, to make everyone in the wedding parties look great – even when we were working with different skin tones, and face shapes, and skin types, and etc. So this is definitely something I’m interested in, and something I spend free time pursuing.

So I really kind of wish I wrote a makeup blog. Then I would actually write, I think. But I don’t think you get to just, up and declare yourself a makeup blogger. I have no street cred in the makeup world. I’m a scientist! Scientist girls are supposed to be all freshfaced and tshirt wearing, they’re not supposed to be writing makeup blogs.

I guess I’m having a blog identity crisis, is what this is. What do I write about? Do I keep writing? Do I try to do something to increase my posting frequency? Do I let sleeping dogs lie? I JUST DON’T KNOW.

But I do know this, I like NARS lip glosses now. It’s one of the best non-sticky glosses I’ve found.



  1. I have zero tips for you, since I’ve posted, like, twice in the last three weeks! I figure inspiration comes in cycles, right?

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