Posted by: Trigger | 8 July, 2008

Cheaters never prosper.

I realize this is totally cheating. Oh well! Let’s recap the past few weeks, shall we?

Work is busy. Life is busy. Etc. And aren’t we all, I know. I just haven’t done a good job of prioritizing the blog.

I took this test. Basically all my science knowledge, ever (minus only those upper division neuroscience classes); plus verbal reasoning – which is like comprehensive lit & logic combined; and also some writing. All on a computer, sans calculator, spell check, etc. Plus, you get to pay a couple hundy to take it! Not sure how it went, I think I did well on some sections (Biology & Organic Chemistry), not so well on other sections (I’m look at you, Physics). So that was fun. We’ll see, I might be taking it again.

I was in the wedding associated with the Best Bachelorette Party Ever – West Coast Division. (Laurel and I decided it was okay to have an East Coast/West Coast split on the topic. We obviously did really well during the sharing lessons of pre-school and kindergarden!) It was intense, you guys. Five bridesmaids, all in sky blue satin strapless dresses, silver satin shoes with bows, matching pearlish earrings & bracelet, identical manicures and pedicures, complete with full updos. This takes matching to a whole new level. I’m serious, we were little satin drones out there. We’re all pretty fair, but none so fair as the bride – so she even instructed us that we weren’t supposed to tan or anything before the wedding. Not that I would have anyway, but COME ON. Type A control freak, much? The event was gorgeous, though – I’ll give her that much – even if it was not my taste. At all. It was elaborately choreographed (down to which hand our walking partners used to turn us in which direction to take our place after we walked down the aisle, and the opposite instructions for how the groomsmen picked us up after the ceremony was over). Nothing went wrong. Everything went right. There was an open bar (I had to leave Seattle to drive home at 9 am the next day, so I didn’t get to take full advantage of that, unfortunately), and delicious wedding cake. So, all the other girls and I just silently mouthed a shared mantra throughout the event, to make it tolerable: “It’s not my wedding. It’s NOT my wedding.” I did all the make up for everyone except the bride, and they all looked beautiful. I used all my own (expensive) cosmetics and brushes, and I don’t think I got more than an offhand “thank you” from the bride. Including when I ran to get her undereye concealer the day of the wedding and paid for it myself! For her concealer, that she’ll use for months and months now! Needless to say, I am a bit miffed at this friend, which is sad. Should I be only happy for her now? I just don’t understand why she became such a different person…it saddens me.

Finn (best friend from college) has been planning an engagement party before she and her bf/fiance move to Germany for a few years. To happen the first weekend in August. Well, with her sick dad (who is still very sick, and will probably not get better), it turns out that with six weeks left before the “party” they decided it was time to just go ahead and make it a “wedding.” So now I’m a bridesmaid in that, too! But I feel remarkably less pressure/stress related to her event. Maybe that’s because a) there’s only one other bridesmaid, b) even the term bridesmaid is being used loosely because we’re not having to wear a dress or anything like that (as Finn put it, I’m her “bridesmaid that she’s not asking to wear a bridesmaid dress”), we’ll just be giving a toast sort of thing at the event. Her uncle owns a winery in Oregon wine country, which is beautiful and perfect for a wedding. So the ceremony and reception will be there, and there will be about 50 guests, tops. It’s going to be so refreshing, coming off the planned down to the minutia experience referenced above. And my attitude is so drastically different about it, it kind of surprises me. But I’m happy for her, and for her soon to be husband. They’re great people.

Let’s see what else. Oh yeah! Also a couple of weekends ago, Portland’s LIVESTRONG Challenge took place. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the little yellow bracelets, and maybe also the LIVESTRONG ideals, but did you know there’s a Challenge? In four cities across the U.S. the Lance Armstrong Foundation sets up fundraising bike rides & 5k runs. The bike rides range in distance from 10 miles to 100 miles. And they are meant to be challenging, but rewarding. Participants raise money for the LAF, which funds cancer research & cancer care programs. Including research & programs where I work, which is how I got involved. I sit on the organizing committee for the event, which means I’ve been working behind the scenes for lots of months. And then it was event day! It went well, and I was more involved this year than I had been before, so it was a pretty cool experience. I’ll also be traveling to two of the other three events, including one in the Bay Area this weekend. Which makes Trigger a busy girl. If you ever have any cash lying around (ha!), burning a whole in your pocket, I totally recommend this cause & foundation. Or, volunteer your time! Good people, doing good things. I’m already exhausted and only one of the three event’s I’m working on has happened, so we’ll see how this all goes…

Plus, at work I have lots of new patients, and a couple of new studies that I’m working to get approval for, and one SERIOUSLY messy desk. Well, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been worse. But, you know. Whatevs.

So that’s me, these days.

Oh yeah, and it’s finally turned into summer here, so that also means I’m outside at happy hours and dinners along the river(s) and watching fireworks in parks and bike riding and running and generally soaking up the sun while it lasts here. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right? Isn’t that the saying?

Hope y’all are well. 🙂



  1. Good lord, you’ve been busy

  2. It sort of made me tired reading about all you’ve been doing.

  3. I’m so boring compared to you. And so jealous.

  4. Ugh, no one likes a needy, ungrateful bride. Also, does anyone really like fancy-schmancy wedding choreography?

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