Posted by: Trigger | 7 April, 2008

Monday night = My night.

I’m not gonna lie. I LOVE my guy, but I reeeeeaaally love my Monday night alone nights.

Monday is the night that Z is off saving the world at a free clinic (tres adorable and sexy, to me at least). And I applaud him in his altruistic endeavors.

That just leaves me home with a little alone time. Time to bike home from work and know that I can watch whatever catches my eye on t.v. Tonight, it’s the NCAA championship game, but sometimes it’s a LOT more girly (Redneck Wedding, What Not to Wear, etc).

Time to eat pickles and lunch meat, with no bread or other fixin’s for dinner. I’m pretty sure he’d find that odd.

Time to go buy perfume that was stolen from my (locked) office at work. Time to stroll through the perfume department at Nordstrom at a leisurely pace.

Time to take a long, hot shower blaring MY music (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Spoon, Stars, Architecture in Helsinki – all “those weird indie bands”). And then time to climb into bed just wrapped in a towel, without someone coming along and poking and pestering me to get up and help with the laundry, or etc…

Time to play in my closet, trying on old skirts, new shoes, mixing things up. Rediscovering buried clothes and coming up with great new ideas for work-wear.

Time to check blogs, and comment, and not fear giving away my secret blog (which I feel guilty about having kept a secret at this point, but I don’t really write about him, so I hope karma won’t kick me in the behind).

Time to paint my toenails, and tweeze my eyebrows.

You get the idea, time to just be Trigger, the way I used to be when I lived alone. I wouldn’t trade my life now with my life in the past for all the money in the world – but it is nice to have a small slice of it from time to time, just to remind myself of where I’ve been, and who I’ve become.

I’m off to eat pickles. Have a nice night, y’all.



  1. Whoo pickles!

    I don’t know what it would be like to have together time. For so long, I’ve only had alone time. It’s strange the few nights now I’m not alone anymore.

  2. Mondays are the nights I don’t schedule anything either, just me, the gym, tv, whatever I want. Don’t have to worry about obligations to other people and its great! I do miss having that somoene around though to fill up the other nights. 🙂


    Thanks for your comment, by the way, I appreciate it 🙂

  3. I totally do that closet thing too, except I make Torsten look at all the outfits and tell me what he thinks, and wow does he ever suck at that. He just does not understand how I can find it interesting to spend time trying on clothes I already own.

  4. Alone time is nice, I definitely agree. Mark is not such a fan of such strange dinners (one night, while alone of course, I ate spinach and broccoli for dinner, that’s it, no carbs, no meat, no nothing) and also very much not a fan of bad reality television, so it’s nice to sometimes bask in that alone time! Glad you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

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