Posted by: Trigger | 31 March, 2008

A sheepish hello…

Why hi there, freaders. If you’re still out there. I’ve gotten several messages/comments from some of my fave bloggers out there, wondering where I am. You guys are too sweet!

I guess it’s been a while, huh?

Do I have a good explanation for myself? Maybe. Not really. It’s not important, I decided. Or something. Life has been happening, and for one reason or another, I wasn’t blogging about it.

Let’s recap some of the things that have been going on in Trigger-land lately, since I took my little blog AWOL break.

– My finger healed quite nicely, except I seem to have done some minor nerve damage that makes me lack some sensation in that one tip of my finger. Oh well! I hear it will come back soon.
– Z’s car (post being wrecked by The Surgeon) has just this week returned home. Last I heard, the damage tally so far was $23,000. Good thing insurance paid. But it’s still not completely back to its former glory. Gah, what a dumb dumb thing.

– I’m a Lt. Maid of Honor in a wedding coming up in June. Do you know about the Lt. Maid of Honor phenomenon? It’s happened to me twice already, happening the third time around with this current wedding party I’m in. The bride chooses someone logical for her Maid/Matron of Honor (best friend since grade school, sister, current attached at the hip BFF in these cases). It’s totally logical! I’m happy to be a regular type bridesmaid, no really, I am. BUT THEN. The M.O.H. turns out to kind of suck at her job, and it turns out, I kinda rock at it. Bachelorette parties? I got the best ideas you’ve never heard, tailored for the individual bride’s personality. Tips on cuts that will flatter the bride? Check, I got me some fashion smarts working for a high end boutique for 5 years. Help picking out the dress in a logical, budgetminded, yet still squee-rific way? I’ve helped 5 brides, and counting! Mostly, though, I’m good with etiquette. Which I owe alternatingly to my sorority, my mother, my grandmother, and my profession. So this is time #3 that I find myself a regular bridesmaid, doing the work of the M.O.H. I sort of don’t mind (I mean, our 1950s Cuban Social Club themed bachelorette party for the bride is going to be top notch, I mean the playlist, the drinks, the food, the games and the bar venues alone are divine, and match the theme SO WELL – all this, and I’m planning from 180 mi away!), but at the same time – when the real M.O.H. gets all cranky and pissy that the bride ends up delegating these things to me, which just annoys me, because we’re not in high school anymore. Grow up. I’m not trying to steal your M.O.H. thunder. I don’t even plan to point out that I planned THIS, or I came up with THAT. It’s just about our friend, the bride, whom we all love dearly and want to give her the best time possible.

I’m also cranky because I had to buy the following shoes, which I find ridiculously dumb:

– Finn (remember Finn?) and her family spent a very chaotic few months dealing with his diagnosis. It was a cancer of medium-level scariness; the tumor itself was positioned in such a way that few surgical oncologists wanted to work on it (it required removing his left lung, left bronchiole & trachea, and all of this done just centimeters from his heart). Fortunately, one agreed to operate in sort of nearby Seattle (about 190 mi away), so they planned to trek up there. The operation was okay, it went for a few hours longer than normal. He lost an entire lung to the surgery. He’s doing mostly okay, although it took him 6 weeks of recovery before they could return home from up North. Prior to surgery, they told us it could be 10-15 years before he faced seriously health threats again. Now, post surgery, they’ve found traces of the cancer in his lymph nodes, and suspect that is has hitched a ride throughout his body on various extending nerve cells. So now they’re thinking 5 years is his prognosis. This is very very sad, for multiple reasons. #1 being that Finn and her fiance can’t feasibly plan for kids prior to 5 years from now. Finn and I are set to have a girl date in about 20 minutes. As soon as I can get downtown, actually. It’s been hard to get time in with her lately, since she’s obviously been focused on family things. I’m really excited to catch up. Hopefully she knows how much I’ve been thinking about her.

– Work has been absolutely nuts, which is at least 40% of the reason why I haven’t written much lately. I usually write posts during slow times at work. But there’s been training going on, and people coming and going, and I’ve had to – GASP – share my computer. So I haven’t felt like it was appropriate to have my little wordpress account up at work, and be type type typing away at my personal, anonymous blog with big eyes (and ears!) around. I’m just, a little private about this here bloggie deal.

– And in conclusion. Things with Z have been SO SO GOOD. (Said in my best Teen Girl Squad voice. Do y’all know Teen Girl Squad? The Trigger family siblings LOVE LOVE Strong Bad and Teen Girl Squad. Go check them out if you don’t know them already) IN FACT. Things have been going so well, that we are all set to become puppy parents. There’s bound to be a separate post on naming said puppy, but right now we’ve just decided on the breed we like (Boxer) the gender we’ll shoot for (little boy puppy). Now we just have to court the breeders.

(Also, please note: in the process, while talking to breeders and others, Z has at least once referred to me as his fiancee, and he also may or may not have showed me a ring he likes on the Tiffany website last night. I mean seriously folks, does he know how much that messes with a girl’s head? We’re probably still a year or two from getting engaged – he’s a slow mover, and I’m 24 and in no rush – but still. Puppies and f-word dropping, the good f word, you know what I mean, and DIAMOND SPARKLY FINGER JEWELRY? Be still my heart. I’m all smiles today.)

And in conclusion:


From the litter we’re hoping to adopt from:

Z says I can only have one. SIGH. I want one. Today, yesterday, a WEEK AGO ALREADY! Puppies. Mmmmm.



  1. 1. HI!
    2. Love the puppies, love the nails.
    3. Holy lord, things have been insane on your end. Are you okay with everything? I’m here for you if you ever need to talk.
    4. Can you maybe give some advice? I’m a bridesmaid from afar, and I’m trying to come up with an excellent bachelorette party option for a girl who is very outdoorsy and such.

  2. We DID miss you, and we ARE still here. And glad you’re back.

    I had never heard of this LMOH thing until now. And that seems crazy. Crazy! And a little bit rude. But I’m glad you’re so good at it. Will you be my LMOH? Oh wait.

    I’m so sorry about all the difficult stuff you’ve been dealing with recently. And I’m glad you posted about it, so that we know and so that you have maybe a little bit of an outlet.

    PUPPIES!!!!!! Be still, my heart.

  3. Wow, I just looked at your last post and you HAVE been gone for a long time!

    The puppies are adorable and I’m so happy that things seem to be going well for you and Z! It’s funny because Mark has been acting the same way towards me – calling me his fiance, looking at rings. SO DAMN EXCITING!

    Anyway, glad you’re back!

  4. Those puppies are outrageously adorable, and we missed you, and hope you’ll stay around a while!



    Hope you stay for a while.

  6. Hi!

    I’m so happy to see you’re back! And its been aaaaages! But the puppies! The puppies!

  7. Welcome back, Trigger!

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