Posted by: Trigger | 30 January, 2008

The creepster.

So I feel like every work place has at least one creepy guy. At least one. And when you work somewhere that has 12,000+ employees? There’s bound to be some weird employees, right?

I just recently had an especially strange run in with my building’s resident whacky guy. He’s a cashier at the cafeteria two floors down, and has both a) yelled at me for trying to put cheese from the salad bar on my cup of chili – apparently you’re supposed to weigh the ounce of cheese out just as if you were buy a salad at the bar, how was I to know? and b) looked me up and down (and I mean UP and DOWN), undressed me with his eyes (seriously, it made me feel dirrrrrty), and then said, “Dang girl, that really is your color.” I didn’t think whatever I was wearing that day was THAT good…but I digress.

So, yesterday I was walking down the hall, and I see Mr. Cashier heading toward me. Usually this means being subjected to a semi-awkward and obvious getting checked out sort of situation. So I steeled myself to just say a polite “hello” and not let his lecherous grin give me the heebie jeebies. I was ready.

And then, as he approached and his eyes made the cursory perusal of yours truly, I realized Mr. Cashier was flossing his teeth. FLOSSING HIS TEETH. In the hallway. THE HALLWAY OF A HOSPITAL. While CHECKING ME OUT.

Does anybody else find this strange? Anybody?? Beuller?  Anybody?



  1. uhh…creepy. yes. we don’t have too many creepy people in my office (there is one guy but he moved off my floor and i never see him anymore).

  2. Yes, creepy. I don’t have any creepy guys in my office. But I do think the mailroom guy has taken a liking to me.

  3. That is nasty. Similar to the sickos that CLIP THEIR FINGERNAILS on the train. What gives?!!

  4. I work with only six other people, and they’re ALL creepy. And all men. Ack.


  5. Yes, very strange.

    Its true there is always one creepo- making everyone uncomfortable. gaaah, cant they just all work together in some creepo place??

  6. People who floss in public are definitely strange.

  7. That is totally gross, and makes the creepy guys at my job seem totally run of the mill. Sometimes you have to wonder how people get hired.

  8. I actually told some people at my work that if they ever find me dead in the parking lot it was “x” who did it. He’s THAT creepy!

    HR needs a better screening process for reals.

  9. OMG…that is SICK! I would have gagged right there on the spot. I had a boss that would pick his teeth with a toothpick while you were talking business with him. Flipping PWT is what that is!

  10. Gross gross gross. And creepy. At the same time.
    Don’t these guys get tired of being creepy after awhile?

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