Posted by: Trigger | 14 January, 2008

Trigger’s Big Happy Family

I had a great weekend, with Z and I enjoying lots of fun outings, lots of time in each other’s company, a good dose of alone time (which was a nice break, I’m not gonna lie), and also one fight this weekend about band aids. The fight was pretty funny, now that I think about it – lasted about 3 minutes, and we were laughing at the end, and well – it was about band aids! Ha. Anyway, my weekend was fun and all, but I don’t want to bore everyone with a weekend recap (it wasn’t THAT fun, y’know…).

So, I often start to write something (a funny story, a memory) that includes my family members, but I feel like I haven’t talked about them that much here, and with a family as large as mine, I feel I could lose people along the way. So, with that in mind, I decided to do a little rundown of all of the shady characters to whom I’m related. Maybe it’ll help me feel less like I’m speaking in code when I try to write about them.

I like to think we’re an exceptionally close family. And while many people are lucky enough to be able to say that along with me, I think it could be even more of a surprise that we were able to achieve such camaraderie considering that I am one of 5 siblings, spread out over 14 years. We’re all from the same parents, and pregnancies were planned. I would say each kid was totally planned, but that last one – he kind of snuck in there on my parents. That is, there was no surprise pregnancy, but with the last pregnancy, they got a BOGO deal (Buy One, Get One…does anyone else use that? The Trigger Fam is prolific in our use of that acronym) – when pregnancy #4 resulted in not just child #4 (GirlTwinSibling) but also, 10 minutes later, child #5 (BoyTwinSibling).

Here’s the breakdown, in list format:

BigCityBrother (BCB)
Location: Manhattan, NY
Age: 28
Height: 6’1″
Body Type: lean, lanky triathlete build
Personality: Dry, sarcastic and always witty conversationalist, the adventurer of the bunch (left our native Oregon — my siblings and I are the 5th generation born here in Oregon, which makes us old-timers by West Coast standards — for the East Coast, hasn’t looked back, and has been to more foreign countries than the rest of the fam combined).
Occupation: Graduate student, a.k.a. Supernerd (he studies plasma physics)

Trigger (that’s me!)
Location: Portland, OR
Age: 24
Height: 5’3″
Body Type: Curvy. Yeah, that’s it, curvy. I wear a size 6, so it’s not like I’m huge, but when you’re only 5’3″ and you have hips, and ass and boobs like mine – you get labeled curvy.
Personality: (this is weird writing this about myself) Warm, upbeat, a people-pleaser. I can befriend just about any person I meet, and have an overabundance of words to be used up in conversations with people each day (works well on a day when I’m seeing patients continuously; drives Z nuts when I have an administrative day and don’t talk to much of anyone until I get home from work & have to squeeze that daily word quota into a few hours of conversation with him). The peacemaker, go-between, and confidant of the family. I have a highly developed sense of loyalty…
Occupation: Women’s Health Researcher

CollegeAgedBrother (CAB)
Location: University of Oregon (go ducks!)
Age: 19
Height: 5’11”
Body Type: Muscular, All-state Football Player Style
Personality: Totally self-confident, and a highly attuned sense of right/wrong, good/bad and what he needs from life. THE cool guy in high school. Hilarious sense of humor, showing a greater interest in connecting with the family (after emerging from his teenage angst phase of “my family members are LAME”), maturing with each week that passes at college (I can tell each time I talk to him).
Occupation: History Undergrad, Aspiring High School Teacher and Football Coach

GirlTwin (GT)
Location: Somewhere in Oregon, vague to protect the innocent minors 😉
Age: 14
Height: 5’1″
Body Type: Lean, lean, LEAN – the girl is all lean muscle and bone, no curves (no hips or boobs, which I definitely had begun to develop at 14) , not a drop of chubs, nothin’. Just skinny and beautiful.
Personality: Extremely reserved/quiet/demure, but funny when she chooses to be.
Occupation: High school freshman, varsity runner, basketball player, dance teamer, choir girl, straight-A student, homecoming princess.

BoyTwin (BT)
Location: Somewhere in Oregon, vague to protect the innocent minors 😉
Age: 14
Height: 5’5″ and just starting his growth spurt
Personality: NERD, NERD, NERD, in a lovable & unapologetic sort of way, bit of a know it all, source of many of the best family anecdotes. Is either going to be a) an absentminded professor or b) the next Ralph Nader political type when he grows up.
Occupation: High school freshman, attempted football player, percussionist, nerd (but not quite straight A-student, because that would require not being absentminded and remembering to complete/hand in all homework assignments, which is just asking a bit too much, don’t you think?), video gamer.

So that’s us. We’re a rag-tag bunch. You would think with 5 kids from the same family, you might get a couple of repeats in terms of physical appearance, personality, interests, etc. But we’re all very, very different. It mostly works – I mean, there are the stories about BCB abandoning me in strange locales, or decapitating my Barbie’s and stringing their heads up on the clothes line over the wading pool with all their floating bodies, but you know – that’s just how kids are to each other growing up.

When I think about how the stories about phone calls late at night to each other when one sibling is going through a break up, and loans to each other to take prep classes for graduate entrance exams, and back rubs and hair braiding, and emails about first dates, and tips about registering for college courses, and phone calls after a great race/game/concert WAY WAY WAY outnumber the times we were mean to each other, I feel pretty blessed.



  1. So, SO sweet! I am jealous! I mean, I love my two brothers, but we’re not THAT close. As in, they never braid my hair.

  2. I loved this! So NOT my family. At all. *shakes head*

  3. Your family is so cute, so all-American, so sitcom! I love it. And twins? Twins are COOL. 🙂

  4. Your family sounds so cool! I love big families. And twins.

    Oh and yea, I’m the peacemaker in my family too. 🙂

  5. This was a great post! Though I have a fantastic relationship with my sister, the rest of the family is not that close, and I often wish it were. (I’m also the peacemaker.)


  6. I’m close to my brother, but always wished I had a sister. You’re very lucky to have a big family – and the differences make it that much more fun!

  7. your family sounds great! since i am on only child, i cannot IMAGINE having all those people in my family, but i am kinda jealous…

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