Posted by: Trigger | 24 December, 2007

Let your heart be light.

Hey y’all.

On Saturday, I traveled home to Eastern Oregon, where there are cows aplenty, lots of Wal-Marts, and no malls. Things here are a bit slower paced, and for that I am thankful.

BigCityBrother, CollegeAgedBrother, and the BoyTwin and GirlTwin Siblings have been waiting for my arrival since Wednesday. It’s nice to feel wanted.  BigCityBrother, Dad and I like to share microbrews and chat about politics. CollegeAgedBrother just recently got his eyebrow pierced, was cheated on by his girlfriend, whom he is trying to forgive, and I’m probably the best equipped in the family to help him with both. BoyTwinSibling is loud and nosy as ever, but he is finally taller than me (not hard to do, at 5’3″) and his voice has dropped – so we’re expecting big things from him. GirlTwinSibling has already given me a back rub, played with my hair, and done all those things that only sisters can do with each other.

It’s been great. I snuck full strength coffee into the house, since Mom makes Dad drink decaffeinated. He loves it when I do that. 🙂  I spent about 5 hours at the bigger next town over, getting last minute stocking stuffers and Christmas Dinner fixin’s. And oh, alright, I’ll admit it – Mom and I stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter and had our make up done. Quality mom-daughter bonding, right there.

Today is Christmas Eve, my gifts to all my 6 lovely family members are wrapped, and those to my fella are wrapped as well. With cloth ribbons, too – which is my favorite way to finish a gift. In a couple of minutes, I’ll brew up some of that caffeinated coffee, heat up some milk to pour in, and pull out the family recipes for cranberry bread and pumpkin bread. Then I’ll get to baking. I may or may not crank up the Christmas tunes (and by “may,” I mean “definitely will”). And so help me lord, if Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” comes on, I probably WILL make BoyTwin and GirlTwin Siblings grab a hairbrush and dance and fake karoake. For tradition’s sake.

When the bread gets baking, I’ll jump in the shower. Just about when I’m done, I’m hoping Z will return from his trip up further north, where he spent a few days with his dad. I’m glad to share this Christmas with him.

Tonight, we’ll eat clam chowder and rolls and laugh too much and talk over each other at the table. Then we’ll get bundled up, walk to the Christmas Eve ceremony at our little Presbyterian Church just four blocks away. I may not still practice, but when I’m home, everyone goes to church. At the ceremony, the pastor will tell historically pertinent and interesting stories, interwoven with all the favorite Christmas hymns. My family will do the Advent ceremony, lighting all five candles and trying our best to behave and look presentable in front of the congregation.

The kids will all try to be polite and courteous immediately following the ceremony, but their thoughts will have already raced the four blocks back to our house, and to the gifts stashed under the tree, and all the promise and anticipation that gift-giving brings. When our bodies catch up with their minds, and we’re circled around the living room, with gifts divided up into piles for each person, I’ll be reminded of why having much younger (a decade, in fact) siblings is so much fun. They still LOVE, L.O.V.E. the holiday season.

After family gifts have been opened, we’ll all go to bed, except Mom and me. We’ll stay up late helping Santa, arranging stockings and gifts “just so.” Maybe we’ll find the copy of the Love Actually DVD, and that will be playing. Possibly we’ll sip on some Bailey’s, one of the few times you can catch my mom drinking liquor.  I’ll prepare the traditional breakfast, the deliciously cinnamony GooeyRolls, which will rise in front of the fire overnight. We’ll stagger up to bed in the wee hours of the morning, and grumble about how early the Twin Siblings will get up this year. They may be 14, but some things never change.

Christmas morning is the best. PJs, coffee, GooeyRolls, stockings, wrapping paper flying, and hugs from all. There’s a lull before we finally realize the gifts have all been given, and it’s over until next year. Then we fly into preparation mode again, baking the turkey and the ham, making candied yams, mashed potatoes, the relish tray. Sitting down with sparkling cider and sharing lots, and lots, of laughs.

It’s basically the best time ever.

I hope you and yours enjoy a similar holiday time filled with laughter, conversation, understanding and love, all in abundance.



  1. That sounds great! Hope it was all you described!

    It’s probably fun having younger folks around. That’s the difference for our family since, at 25, I’m the youngest around. No wonder everyone is eager for me to get married and have kids. I’m no fun anymore.

  2. that was how my Christmas was spent this year too. And it was fantastic and perfect!

  3. Your Christmas sounds beautiful and very festive – I love the holidays around my parents as it is much the same with music and flood aplenty and happy loving family members everywhere …..I feel truly blessed.

  4. This post made me really wish I had brothers.

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