Posted by: Trigger | 4 December, 2007

Just desserts.

Yesterday, I was all cranky just at the thought of the Surgeon getting here today. For evidence, see: yesterday’s post whining. I was trying to get my head on straight re. the impending visit, but…I just was failing a bit at it. The positive thoughts were not coming easily.

So, instead, when I went home, I was passive agressive to the Zebra. That’s nice of me, huh? I know, I know. I wanted to have a fun evening last night, and instead I made some lame comment about Z not picking me up after I went downtown to get a Holiday party outfit (I didn’t all the way ask, but he made it pretty clear he didn’t want to without me having to explicitly ask, anyway). Well, clearly he was in a bad mood for his own reasons, and he hates it when I do stuff like say passive aggressive things, so we got the night kicked off to a jolly start. And then when I found out that he didn’t wait the 20 min ’til I got home to have dinner with me, I got surlier. He could tell. So he got surlier right back. How mature of us.

Eventually, we decided to be friends again and watched the Hills, and then when we went to bed, he snored SO LOUDLY that I had to go sleep in the guest room. So this morning, he woke me up and was all cute, and I sort of forgot the Surgeon was coming today.

But now I’m remembering that he is going to be here for the NEXT FIVE DAYS, and I’m having a hard time holding onto the cheerful thoughts of this morning. He’s just such an obnoxious guy. I’m hoping I’m proved wrong here, and I have to write an “I’m so ashamed of the big deal I made out of this” post because I feel bad about how nice the Surgeon was to me this week. Seriously, I’m hoping for that…



  1. Your man watched The Hills with you? You are one lucky girl. 🙂

    Good luck with the Surgeon – we’ll be thinking about you!

  2. It can incredibly frustrating when a boyfriend’s family or friends seem to not value your existence in his life. I’m hoping that it all turns out alight though and thinking positive thoughts for you!

  3. Stephanie- I know, it’s great. The thing is, he acts like he’s doing it because I enjoy the program (sidenote: I’m giggling to myself right now, because I just called the Hills a “program” like it’s high quality television or something), but I know that deep down, he likes it too. And I know this because one time we were gone when it was on, and so we DVR’d it, and when I watched it without him, he was genuinely disappointed and we had to watch it again. Hilarious, and true.

    Hope- Tell me about it. I think that my newest post will address quite exactly what a turd this friend is, and also possibly illustrate how the Surgeon has no respect for anyone (even his friends), so I’m just trying to relish my own confidence in my value as a good, decent, human being who contributes good things to society. So there, dumb boyfriend’s friend, take that! 🙂

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