Posted by: Trigger | 3 December, 2007

The Surgeon…cue ominous music…

Z’s best friend is coming to town this week. He is doing a surgical residency in a Southern State, so he’s not around too much anymore. Which is really okay with me, for several reasons.

#1) He is arrogant and pompous and Z defers to him at almost every turn. This is annoying to me on a few levels, but mostly because it means that when the Surgeon wants to go to a strip club (here in Portland they’re full nudity), that’s what the boys do. When living in Portland, this mean Z and the Surgeon did so weekly. BARF. Just barf.

#2) He has never been particularly nice to me. At all. In fact, it’s only lately that I have begun to believe he might not consider me an idiot. Which, for the record, I may do dumb stuff on occassion (see: spilling powdered cheese, below), but I am FAR from dumb.

#3) He called saying he was coming to visit approximately 5 days before his scheduled arrival. Not kidding. That, in my book, is incredibly rude.

#4) This means I can write off having any quality time with Z for the duration of his visit. Since last week was chalked up to Z studying constantly, and the week before that Z was a shithead, I was looking forward to some good ol’ us time. Now, if the Surgeon deems it fit for me to be around, the best I’ll get is some shared time with him. I’m all for buddy time, male-bonding time, one on one BFF time. But for some reason, for the Surgeon demands more than just some focused hang out time, he requires undivided attention for extended periods of time. And with the pedestal Z has placed him on, he gets it…

#5)  I realize that I am coming across like a needy, whiny, jealous girlfriend. I hate that! I think that Z should get to hang out with his friend, sure, I just wished that I got the feeling that his friend actually respected me and my place in Z’s life. Because then I think the Surgeon would make a point to get to know me a bit, also. Instead of staring down his nose at me.

So I’m gearing myself up for a frustrating week in which I am released back into single-girl mode, without the perks of being a single girl (getting to go out and make eyes at boys and get phone numbers being one of them). I am trying to hope for the best, and who knows – maybe I’ll get invited along to some of their outings.

Thinking positive thoughts. Not voo doo thoughts. Positive thoughts.



  1. Oh yuck. It’s so tough if your guy’s BFF is a jerk. Hopefully they will invite you along a couple times, but otherwise, relish in the single-dom. Go shopping, get your nails done, watch movies that he won’t watch with you. As long as they don’t go to the strip clubs. Gross.

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  3. Umm,yeah. I also had to move for a change of venue over the weekend (twice) due to McD’s ridiculous snoring. It’s a good thing we love them, no?

    Also, sucks about The Surgeon. Just keep thinking in the back of your mind about how much you love Z. And close your eyes, think real hard, and count to ten. You know, like three year olds are supposed to do before they throw a tantrum? Sometimes this works for me. Sometimes I decide to act like a bitch instead. One never knows.

    Good luck!

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