Posted by: Trigger | 30 November, 2007

Friday (abbreviated)

Hey y’all. It’s Friday!

I know last week was Thanksgiving, but for the above statement: I am thankful. Why are regular weeks that follow holiday weeks so flippin’ difficult to make it through? Unsolved mystery, I guess.

Today, I am only going to be at work for 25 minutes more. That’s right folks, I’m leaving at 11:00 am. Wahoo! This afternoon, Z and two of our married friends and I will drive to the Eastern half of the state (the desert part – did you know Oregon is about half desert? well, it is) to have dinner with my parents and the lone sibling who will be home tonight, before we move on to do some delicious (oh so delcious!) wine tasting tomorrow at the Walla Walla Winter Barrel Tasting event. Yum!

What’s that? You haven’t had Walla Walla Valley wine before? Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah, oh my! So good. Check out these vintners if you’re so inclined…Woodward Canyon, L’Ecole No 41, and my personal fave: Abeja. I think you should be able to find them in snooty wine stores nationwide, so you can go out, try them, and thank me later. So good!

While trading the bitter cold and rain of Portland for the more bitter cold and snow of Walla Walla means I get to drink yummy wine, it also means I’ll be missing two very exciting events – the free Thermals show (local band, whom I love) and the Holiday Ale Festival downtown (beer! a big white tent! a huge pretty Christmas tree in the middle of the tent! lots of people, people so drunk they stumble on the light-rail tracks and almost get hit my the commuter train! it’s a good time). The Holiday Ale Festival is one of my favorite events, and I hate to miss it. BigCityBrother (BCB) accused me of being 24 going on 36, skipping out on the brew fest in favor of a wine tasting event. I’m not sure whether his assessment is accurate…but it worries me a little. Am I becoming old, staid and boring? It’s possible.

In other news, Z and I had someone came and cut up our bedroom wall today, because we alleged that there was water damage occurring in our townhouse while it was less than one year old. Entitling us to have the construction company be responsible for repairing the damage. The lead contractor tried to tell us it wasn’t water damage, but you should have seen the back of the sheet rock when  the fellow they sent cut a big section of it out. It was most definitely moldy, soggy and mildewy. And the studs behind the sheet rock were damp! Pshaw, not water damage…no wonder I wake up with a stuffy nose all the time, my mold allergy is probably going wild! So, I guess we’ll be getting some new plumbing, maybe  a new shower out of the whole deal? What a hassle.

To continue this long post about nothing, I would just like to rant for a second about how the only reason I came into work today was to see a patient and then she no-showed for her appointment. Grrrr, this kills me. I mean, I know it’s a research appointment, but still. Just give us a cancellation call. Now I’m here at work, with my mind on wine, snow, family and the DOGS!  I GET TO SEE MY DOGS! When I could be at home thinking about wine, snow, my family and the dogs. Thanks a lot, lady. Thanks a lot.

But on the plus side, the dogs! Here’s one of the pups, with the MiddleBrother. She’s got her stunna shades on…



  1. You are not becoming boring because you’re going wine tasting! I am younger than you and MUCH prefer wine over beer. Though, actually, I have NEVER liked beer. But still. Have a good weekend!

  2. You’re definitely NOT 24 going on any other older age! And also, people who don’t call to cancel? HATE THEM. That is all.

  3. You’re not becoming “old” just more “sophisticated.”

    And also, you should see my drunk ass on wine. Believe me, you don’t think “oh how mature she is.”

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