Posted by: Trigger | 16 November, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday…

Well. At least today’s Friday.

Let’s just throw this out there: I am a HUGE college football fan. NFL, I can take or leave. NCAA? LOVE. IT. Loveit, loveit. And when it comes to my alma mater? Fanatic levels, probably unhealthy levels of love for my team. I call them my boys. They are my boys!

See, I went to the University of Oregon. Go ducks! There’s something special about being a duck. I know, all you Michigan and Vandy and etc etc alums have a special place in your heart for your school as well. But – I don’t know, I just get the impression we Oregon fans are extra crazy. It’s not a well known school, but when you go there – you just fall in love. (No seriously – my parents went there, and they fell in love! 30 years later, we’re 2 for 3 on their kids heading back to Oregon come college matriculation time.) Eugene is an immediately loveable place – it’s weird, and a little granola, and there’s things to do inside and out, and the campus is beautiful. And don’t even get me started on the football stadium, Autzen Stadium. It’s an EXPERIENCE. (Google it, go ahead – sports writers fawn over this place, and the crowd that fills it. ) But more than that, I think our superfan status comes from the fact that we don’t have a pro football team or a pro baseball team in this state – all we have is a pro basketball team. So when we want to get all intense about a football team, we go with the NCAA options. Am I gushing enough? Alright, I’m just setting the stage for my current state of heartbreak.

So, we entered a game last night as the #2 team in the BCS standings. #2! All we had to do was win out our season, and we’d go to the national championship game. The National Championship! We were robbed by the BCS computer formulas in 2001-2002 (Go ducks! Joey Harrington I love you!), but as the #2 team, it wasn’t going to happen again. And we have the Heisman front runner quarterbacking for us, to boot. Until.

Dennis Dixon, my boy above all other boys, tweaked his knee again last night early in the game. Without a single tackle, just the twist of a knee, he crumpled to the ground in pain – taking our championship hopes with us. That Leaf kid just didn’t have the pizazz to keep the game going. I spent the next quarter watching and cursing, Z telling me to “calm down, it’s just a game.” My response? “DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN. GODUCKS.” (For the record, when a fan says “Go Ducks” it becomes one word – goducks.)

Eventually, he convinced me that watching the rest of the game was unhealthy. So we went to shopping for new work clothes for Z. I think he knew it was bad for me when I couldn’t really be bother to try on the shoes (on sale!) or the Joe’s jeans with sparkly detailing on the back pockets (tres cute!). As he bought some pretty new button shirts, we asked the salesdude if he knew the score. He told us, and it wasn’t good.

I turned to Z and asked “Are you prepared to see me cry? I’m going to cry.” Z laughed, but the sales-dude just solemnly nodded in agreement with me. He got it, that guy. Driving home, I whined a little bit to Z about the hopes of a state, dashed by a little injury. It’s not been the first time we’ve had our dreams of Oregon Football grandeur come crashing down. They’ve done this to us before. They’re that hot guy, the heartbreaker. As I explained to Z: they open the car door for us, they buy us flowers and chocolate, take us out to a fancy restaurant and then, after the date, they don’t call.

#2 Oregon 24, Unranked Arizona 34. Dixon is questionable for the next game, against the Bruins of UCLA.

At least it’s Friday.



  1. Aw sorry about Oregon. However, my #5 ranked team can now move up further, so also thanks. 😉

  2. GO DUCKS!

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